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SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion is a customized, non-invasive treatment yielding instant and long-lasting results with no down-time, yielding 6 therapeutic benefits:

  • Uniformly exfoliates with medical grade diamond treatment heads
  • Simultaneously infuses a therapeutic dermaceutical DEEP into the skin instantly volumizing your skin by 70% and targets your specific concerns for up to 72 hours!
  • DEEPLY cleans and evacuates the pores by removing oil, bacteria, debris – even blackheads!


Silk Peel Lumixyl- 

Silk Peel Clarifying 

Silk Peel Vitamin C 

Silk Peel Ultra Hydrating

Eye and lip add-on 

Luminyxl add-on – 

Clarifying add-on- 

Vitamin C add-on- 

Ultra hydrating add-on-

  • Increases circulation for a healthier radiant glow!
  • Removes toxins via lymphatic stimulation for a clearer complexion.
  • Stimulates NEW collagen growth for smoother, firmer skin and a more youthful appearance.


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