Dermal Infusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermal Infusion? How does it work? What are the benefits?

Dermal Infusion is a treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusion all in one! It is a step up of microdermabrasion and delivers even better results. A diamond tip is used during the entire treatment which allows for better product penetration.

The best part is Dermal Infusion is the perfect treatment to customize to everyone’s needs. It offers a choice of 4 different serums:

  • Pore Clarifying for acne, oily, congested, textured skin.
  • Vitamin C- For dull and sun damaged skin.
  • Ultra Hydrating- For plumping fine lines and wrinkles plus delivering a push of hydration.
  • Skin brightening- for sun spots, melasma, and any pigmentation issues.

All of these serums can be used all over the face and body! At the end of every treatment we get to show you your waste jar filled with everything that was removed from the skin.

Is Dermal Infusion good for my skin type and skin care concerns?

Dermal Infusion is for everyone! Because Dermal Infusion is done with a diamond tip, we are able to choose from 5 different grit sizes. So we are able to treat those with the most sensitive skin to the most resilient skin. And as mentioned above, we can treat almost every skin care concern depending on which serums we go with.

How many Dermal Infusion treatments do I need?

To see the best results we recommend a series of 6-9 Dermal Infusion treatments Infusions done every 2- 4 weeks apart along with at home skin care regimen.

Is there downtime/ recovery time with Dermal Infusion?

There is no downtime or recovery time with Dermal Infusion! There is a little but of redness after treatment, which only lasts about 15 min after the treatment due to the diamond tip exfoliation.

How often can I get Dermal Infusion?

Dermal Infusion treatment can be spaced every 2-6 weeks apart. A monthly Dermal Infusion is recommended to keep your results after you series.

What other treatments can I do while doing Dermal Infusion?

Any treatments! They are great to do before any laser session or in between to help with pigmentation, dryness, or congestion.

How do I know if Dermal Infusion is not for me?

If you are pregnant, nursing, or on Accutane unfortunately we cannot perform Dermal Infusion on you.

Acne Pore Clarifying (60min)

Treatment for lesions, to reduce surface oil and to unclog pores. The experience option includes extractions and a choice of either *Dermaplaning or a mask and LED Lights.

Anti-Aging Dermal Infusion (60min)

Antioxidant therapy to prevent future photo damage, includes *Dermaplaning or a choice of *Hydro-Jelly mask and LED Lights.

Hydrating Glow (60min)

Extra moisture, plumping, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Includes *Dermaplaning or a *Hydro-Jelly Mask and LED Lights.

Pigment Corrector (60 min)

To improve discoloration (hyper-pigmentation) and overall skin tone. Includes *Dermaplaning or *Hydro-Jelly Mask and LED Lights.

*Our treatments include Dermaplaning before the Dermalinfusion treatment for better serum penetration resulting in optimal results! 

*Dermaplaning– exfoliation treatments removes dead skin, improves texture and smooths out skin, brightens and gets rid of facial hair and peach fuzz

*Hydro-Jelly Mask– Electrolyzed Hydro-Jelly Mask made primarily from algae, new generation of peel off masks!

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